What features does the plugin offer?

The SmartSearchWP plugin offers several interesting features to enhance the search experience on your WordPress site. Here’s an overview of the main features:

  1. Fast, relevant results: ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence delivers ultra-precise search results in the blink of an eye.
  2. Enhanced User Experience: Makes search more intuitive and engaging by understanding natural language, making it easier for users to interact with content.
  3. Site Content-Adapted Search: Allows administrators to control the content included in search results to ensure the relevance of the information provided.
  4. Intuitive integration with WordPress: Integrates effortlessly with your WordPress site, maintaining aesthetics and functionality while adding powerful search capability.
  5. Multilingual support: Offers precise search in multiple languages, ideal for international websites.
  6. Search Trend Analysis: Provides valuable insights into visitor behavior and preferences, helping to optimize content and SEO strategies.
  7. Administrator customization: Allows extensive customization of settings to meet specific site needs, including the choice of activated pages and chatbot appearance.
  8. Quick and easy installation: Easy to install and configure, so you can quickly benefit from its advantages.
  9. Reactive technical support and regular updates: Benefit from reactive technical support and regular updates to keep the plugin up to date with the latest innovations.

10. Extensive Compatibility and Full Documentation: Compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins, and accompanied by full documentation to guide users.

11. Premium features: The premium version includes additional features such as WooCommerce integration to manage products and improve the search experience in e-commerce sites, pdf reading, support for custom content types …

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