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Discover the power of conversational search powered by ChatGPT AI and engage your visitors in real conversation with your site!


SmartSearchWP delivers ultra-precise search results in the blink of an eye. Thanks to ChatGPT’s artificial intelligence, it analyzes and understands complex queries to offer exactly what the user is looking for, improving the efficiency of navigation on your site.


Our plugin makes searching your WordPress site more intuitive and engaging. By understanding natural language, SmartSearchWP makes it easier for users to interact with your content, keeping them on your site longer and increasing their overall satisfaction.


With SmartSearchWP, administrators have total control over the content included in search results. This personalization ensures that users always find the most relevant content tailored to their needs, reflecting the quality and relevance of your site.


SmartSearchWP integrates effortlessly into your WordPress site, maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of your site while adding a powerful search capability. This seamless integration ensures a consistent, professional user experience.


This plugin overcomes language barriers, offering accurate search in multiple languages. This makes it ideal for international websites, increasing their accessibility and reach to a diverse global audience.


SmartSearchWP provides valuable insights into what your visitors are looking for, helping you to understand their behavior and preferences. This analysis can guide your content and SEO strategies, improving your site’s overall performance.


SmartSearchWP supports products on WordPress managed by Woocommerce. You can define products as contexts. Your visitors can converse with your site to find the products that suit them best!


SmartSearchWP supports PDF files. You can define PDFs as search contexts, enabling your visitors to easily find the information contained in your PDF documents. You enrich the search context without having to create new pages or articles.


SmartSearchWP supports Custom Post Types. You can define these custom content types as search contexts, enabling your visitors to easily find specific information. Enrich the search context with content from your plugins.


A Revolution in Web Search

SmartSearchWP uses ChatGPT's artificial intelligence to deliver a unique, personalized search experience. Designed to intuitively understand user requests, our plugin reinvents interaction with your WordPress site.

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Know About Our Pricing

Our plugin is free in its freemium version.

A premium version will soon be available with a range of advanced features.




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SmartSearchWP has transformed our customer experience

“As an e-commerce business, effective search is crucial to us. SmartSearchWP has not only made our searches more accurate, but also increased our customers’ engagement. They find what they want faster, which translates into a better customer experience and more sales.”

Marc L., E-Commerce Manager


smartSearchWP’s chatbot has revolutionized our customer service

“Integrating SmartSearchWP’s chatbot into our site has been a real revolution. Our customers now benefit from instant and accurate assistance, enabling them to find the information they need without delay. Not only has this improved customer satisfaction, it has also lightened the workload for our support team. An indispensable tool for any site focused on customer satisfaction!”

Thomas G., Customer Service Manager


The best tool for our educational site

“We use SmartSearchWP on our educational platform, and the results are outstanding. Students can easily find the resources they’re looking for thanks to smart search. This has significantly improved the accessibility and usability of our site.”

Sarah B., Educational Site Administrator


A revolution for our website

“Since we installed SmartSearchWP, the way our visitors interact with our content has completely changed. Searches are faster, smarter, and our users love the ease of use. It’s more than just a plugin, it’s a major asset to our site.”

Jeanne D., Lifestyle Blogger



Understand why SmartSearchWP is the ideal choice for improving search on your WordPress site. This is proof of the effectiveness and simplicity of our plugin.

How does it work?


Go to the WordPress plugin library by clicking here and install the plugin on your WordPress site.


Insert your OpenAI API key, choose your chatGPT version and configure the plugin’s simple settings.


Choose the content pages you want the plugin to take into account exclusively. That’s it, your plugin is ready!


Frequently asked questions

Here are some answers to the most common technical questions we receive about the plugin.

If you can't find the answer to your question, please fill in the form below.

The parameters are pre-configured with default values that guarantee smooth conversations between chatbot and users, but can be modified. Once you’ve added an API key, all you have to do is generate the integrations and activate the contexts to be used by the chatbot.

You can choose which pages will be activated and used by the chatbot to build up a specific knowledge base. You can therefore restrict the context to only the information you wish to include.

Versions 3.5 and 4 are currently available.

It is essential to create an OpenAI account in order to generate an API key to run the plugin.

Absolutely! SmartSearchWP is designed to be highly customizable. You can adjust the settings to suit the specific style and needs of your WordPress site. From modifying the types of content to be included in search results to customizing the chatbot’s appearance, SmartSearchWP gives you the flexibility you need to create a unique search experience.

The freemium version of the plugin is free!

A premium version with additional features is planned for the near future.

Do you still have a question?

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"What impressed me most was the way the site understood my requests. It didn't just retrieve keywords, but understood my intent behind each request. This made the conversation real and friendly."
Alex C.


Utility and benefits?

Here are just a few of the business-related questions we receive about the plugin.

SmartSearchWP improves engagement by delivering fast, accurate search results. By making it easier to find relevant content, visitors spend more time on your site and interact more with your offers.

Absolutely! By making search more intuitive and delivering relevant results quickly, SmartSearchWP helps visitors find what they’re looking for more efficiently, increasing the chances of conversion.

Yes, SmartSearchWP is ideal for e-commerce sites. In a soon-to-be-released version, it will help customers quickly find the products they’re looking for, which can lead to a better user experience and increased sales.

ChatGPT integration enables SmartSearchWP to understand and process natural language queries, delivering a smoother, more natural search experience, unlike plugins based solely on keywords.

The plugin is currently 100% free in its freemium version. A premium version will soon be available with additional high-value features.

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