How do I define the chatbot’s knowledge base in relation to my content?

Step 1 Access SmartSearchWP settings

  1. In your WordPress dashboard, search for SmartSearchWP in the side menu.
  2. Click on it to access the plugin settings.

Step 2 Configure search contexts

  1. Access the “Contexts” section: In the SmartSearchWP configuration page, find the section dedicated to search contexts.
  2. Define which pages to include: Select which pages the chatbot should take into account when responding. You can choose the specific pages you wish to include in the chatbot’s knowledge base by clicking on “Generate integrations”, which will train the chatbot with your content, then on “Activate”.
  3. Customize parameters: Adjust parameters such as temperature, number of contexts, similarity threshold and accuracy threshold to define how the AI should behave. Save your changes.
  4. The chatbot will immediately start using the selected pages to generate responses.

Step 3 Testing the chatbot

  1. Run several test conversational searches to evaluate the accuracy of the results and the overall user experience.
  2. Adjust the parameters as necessary according to your test results.

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